Day 8 (New Week!) – 3.2lbs Down 96.8 ToGo

First week in the books. As normal a little fluctuation in weight day for day, but so far so good. Officially 3.2lbs down in the first week. The weekend was pretty good. I didn’t starve myself, and I stayed reasonably active. Even Sunday, I was washing/drying the Kayaks, and cleaning out my truck. Which while not especially strenuous, thanks to the steamy Atlanta summer, resulted in a good bit of sweat.

Foodwise I think I did okay. I did make some Chicken Tacos w/ Fried Flour Tortilla shells. I wouldn’t say they are particularly healthy, but they tasted good. The portion control is working well, that will only carry me so far most likely… but for now it works out.

Today, I got my Morning Weights in, my walk will be a little later in the afternoon due to meetings. So Maybe I can squeeze out a bit of longer walk today. I did go ahead and cheat up my Arm Curl/Ext and Military Press up 10lbs. That felt better for sure. It feels pretty good to be back on the horse, and to some degree I think this blog is helping me keep it going. So you know, Yay Me.

I need to figure out some options for this weekend. I will be travelling, so I won’t have my normal workout options available to me. Obviously I can go take a walk, that’s not an issue, I was thinking the weight days. I’m driving, so I suppose I can throw a couple Dumbells or plates into the back of the truck to have with me. It won’t be perfect but at least it will be something. I’ll sort it out.

Lunch, Chicken and Superfoods Kale Salad

Finished a quick (for me) 2 mile Tugboat, but in reverse direction. It was later in the day so quite hot.

Day 7 – Full Rest.

Today is all rest. I can do something more if I like but nothing overly strenuous. I need to get the house cleaned up anyway. I am really struggling this morning with food. I just want to order pizza, or burgers or eat copious amounts of Chinese food… I dunno. Instead I am going to go make some BLT lettuce wraps, maybe with some leftover meat sauce from last night. But man I could go for a triple cheese 4 corner from jets, with Banana peppers, pepperoni and and mushrooms extra bake…. I better get something in my stomach quick it is making some gurgling noises…

Wraps Win Over Pizza!

Funny observation from yesterday, my Garmin Fenix marked it as the laziest of days. I didn’t track my paddling, so my steps where lower than expected. Sokay.

Day 6 – Active Rest

So today, as active rest I went a paddling my inflateable kayak in the chattahoochie. About two hours or so. It has been a longtime since I did that. So I was definately working harder than I thought I would. After grabbed dinner with friends up in Roswell. A place called 120 Tavern. I want to say I stuck to my diet plans… But, I had 3 Short Rib tacos and split a burratta caprese salad. Lots of Ice Tea and water.

For dinner, it was gnocchi with meat sauce. Again probably not ideal, but portion size was smaller than normal, and generally unrefined ingredients. It was store made gnocchi, but all in all not awful.

Day 5 – Back to Weights after soreness.

I’ll do official weigh-ins on Mondays. Today is Friday. I did notice that my weight has started to drop again, supporting my water/food weight theory. My eating has been reasonably good. I eat 2 meals a day, try to supplement with a protein shake. Though there are times I simply get distracted and miss a meal. This is actually a good thing in my opinon. I am, for the moment at least, focused on portion control so I don’t subconsciously eat larger meals after going long stretches without

Anyway, Today was back to weight after the initial soreness. It felt good. The way 5×5 works is essentially there are two workouts:

Workout A:
Squats, Military Press, DeadLift, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions.

Workout B:
Squats, Bench Press, Bent Rows, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions.

I added the last two exercises (Curls and Extensions) to get a little more work on my arms. In general, you add 5lbs to the exercises after each workout (Squats go up twice as quick as any other workout), until you get to the point where you can’t finish the 5 sets of 5. then you work until you can. Anyway, the point here is that the first day made my legs so sore I had to miss the next workout on Wednesday. So this morning, will be the first chest/back bit. I don’t think I will be as sore since the aggregate weight is much lower. (Squats technically includes my body weight, where bench presses do not)

I’ll get through Monday and Wed of next week, then I’ll start cheating to +10lbs/Workout until I get back into feeling like it’s an actual workout.

Another little bit, is I turn on a space heater to warm the room up, so by the time I am finished the room is near 90+ degrees. Which actually gets a good sweat going. as well.

Good Walk, Took a little different route, through a it of woods, and along a main road. Was a nice change. Adam’s dog slows us a bit, but only marginally and let’s be fair it’s always fun to have dogs around.

Day 4 -Ugh Daily Gains.

I’m going to go to weekly noted weigh ins. I gained a bit last night, I suspect it was just an extra bit of water weight. Stills feels like a set back

Today I got a walk in later than normal, but a nice long talk with Gabby helped d me get through it.

Food Wise I didn’t do awful. For lunch I had some Sweet Jalapeño chicken and green beans.. the for dinner I ate the left over green beans with some chopped up and Sautee’d deli chicken and pickled Vidalia onions.

Day 3 – 4.3lbs Down 95.7 ToGo

Well, my leg soreness is horrible. I am not sure I’ll get weights in today. The fist day back to lifting soreness is brutal. I should be good by Friday I think. That said, I did make sure I got my daily walk miles in, and found a way to add some stairs into that walk to help squeeze out the soreness.

Overall it was a good walk, a little rushed as Adam left the dogs at home but didn’t blow my pace out of the water or any thing. Temperature was 89/97 (temp/heat index) so a bit cooler and dryer. I would have expected a little better timing. I’ll chalk that up to soreness.

Still seeing some weight loss, but that’s likely just the benefits of a heightened portion control. I had a chicken salad (which sound healthier than it really was.) for dinner. And healthy breakfasts, but protien shakes for lunch. Well see when this initial loss wave flattens out where I am at.

It’s not as healthy as it sounds, but man it tasted good.

Is it tedious?

The problems I run into is leftovers. Last night I made that Chicken, Chorizo, and Onion. So today it becomes breakfast, with the addition of a Sunny Side up egg, and an addition of Kimchi Daikons.

I’ve got about 1 more meals worth of CC&O.

Day 2 – 0.6 Down 99.4 To Go

I wasn’t expecting a loss this morning. I’ll take it. My legs are really sore from lifting even the sad weight I did yesterday. I’m singing the “Getting back to working out…” blues.

Let’s hope today’s walk will help that.

and problem with food is…

It is delicious. Tonight was Chorizo, Chicken and Onions with Kimchi. Was intended to be a lettuce wrap, but my lettuce let me down. So it became less wrapish and more drop all over the plate, and eat it with a fork later…

Day 1 – 0lbs Lost. 100 ToGo

Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world !! Make an attempt.

― Manoj Arora, From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

I was looking for a clever post to start this entry. I ran across this one. It’s a bit out of context as it is in relation to financial comfort zones, but it seems pretty applicable. So in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zones…

My starting Weight this morning is 391.3. Interestingly, this is technically already about 10lbs down from my earlier in the year starting weight. and about 5lbs down over the last week or so. A good start, but will eat into my “easy weight” I think. From here out I’m going to use this at the benchmark, and just talk about the lost and the goal.

So far this morning, I have already done my starting weights workout. A deloaded, and demoralizing Stronglifts 5×5 workout. I added some extra arm workinto the standard 3 exercises. Standing Barbell Curls and Seated Tricep Extensions to be exact. I’m going to go with 4 standard workouts (+5lbs each day the exercise is done) to get back into the habit and loosen up a little, then i’ll start cheating the weight up 10lbs a shot instead of 5lbs. Until I start to actually feel the weight in the exercise.

I’ll walk this afternoon, and likely feel like a sweathog. It was 78 degrees, with a Heat Index of 88 already. Today will be swampy.

And Midmorning walk done.