Day 27 – We must hike a bit…

A late start to the day, but I did get in a hike…

It wasn’t as long as I would have hoped, but the other trails where very crowded, and I hadn’t hiked this one before. We went out about 1.6 miles, and headed back. Adam had some pig roast going on and I needed to smoke some meat for the weekend.

It was a nice trail, the first mile out is pretty well worn, generally level. once you reach the end of the park itself (where the trails converge on the above map) the trail crosses the creek where you must pick your steps more carefully and becomes more uphill. There was plenty of trail to go, SO I think I will go out and find the end of it one of these Saturdays.

British Hide and Seek. We’ll never find him behind that tree.

Day 26 -I ate too late, mate. The Sequel.

A chef friend of mine came over to talk about a business plan for a concept she wants to start. So she cooked dinner. She’s a night owl, so to her 9pm is no big deal to eat. ugh. I was lectured all my “rules” and “you’re an old. man!” all night. Heh. I’ve been accused of a lot of things, but following the rules isn’t a common theme. But we got cooked and done by 830, and kept portionsize reasonable. (Which can be tough) I even have a little left for lunch today. It was Pork Chops, Peppers & Onions, Honey Roasted Acorn Squash, and corn on the cob. I’m lucky to have friends that can cook.

Anyway, I went to bed and got a solid 6 hours and felt pretty good this morning. So, as we do on Fridays…. Weights! I am starting to top out on a couple exercises. I am think I may need to move to dumbells for my extra arm work. The barbell is way to rigid for my wrists in a curl of heavier weights and puts my elbows out on an over head and extension.

No walk today, but went to Lake Allatoona and did some paddleboarding. Not stats for that though unfortunately.

Day 25 – I ate too late, mate.

I ate way to late last night… (around 9pm) So I stayed up a few hours to try to get a Jumpstart on digestion before falling asleep. I woke up feeling pretty good despite only about 5 hours of sleep…

Chili Infused Honey Sautee’d Chicken over basil gnocchi

So far today I’ve eaten some roasted potatoes, and had a soda. But I did get a good walk in. A faster pace (sub 20/min), good amount of hills, and a bit over 2.5 miles… So a good walk overall. A good sweat.

Day 24 – The History of Fatness

I am finding if I take Tylonol PM to sleep I have a hard time waking up in the mornings. I missed this morning’s weights, So I will do them this afternoon.

I did some poking around on my recorded weight over the last few years. I found that I am 20.7 lbs down from my highest weight, and 28.8lbs above my lowest recent weight. Both of which happened in 2017. So I lost about 50lbs between April 2017, and August 2017. I am pretty sure that was when I was walking every day. So there is something to be said for the effectiveness of my current plan.

So that is my current short term goal, to drop 30lbs by Halloween. I think that is doable if I keep my head on straight. Also, just for reference I am down 18.7lbs from my 2020 high. Sadly that isn’t that far off of my all time high… So here we go.

Holy Buckets! While not the hottest day, for some reason this walk had me panting and gasping. still turned in a respectable 20m41s pace.

annnnnd I powered through weights… ugh.

Day 23 – Motivation up and down.

Another night of horrible sleep. This time filled with dreams of strange truck woes, wierd mechanics, and some sort of police software lock on my truck. Strange.

It’s a walk day, and a solo one at that…

So it’s a decent day so far.

Day 22 – 4.7 down 95.3 togo

I guess plateau/maintaining is good. I urned through the easy weight. Keeping in mind that numbrler is more like 14.7, as I was dropping before I started this blog. At least that’s how I keep myself motivated. I need to stay diligent about my food intake. Exercising has been pretty consistent I think.

Speaking of which.. I continued my weights streak with today. I had to short-rest most of it as I got a late start. But got it all completed.

But I also keep chugging along… Talked Adam into taking an extra lap on an already longish route today. So a good 2.7 Miles @ 20min/mile. but I am beat.

Day 21 – Rest…

I need to be more aware of my food intake on rest days.

I met Kelly and Caryn for breakfast at Goldbergs. I had a western omlette, home fries, and an everything bagel with lox cream cheese. I was full for the entire day, though I did have some left over chicken and potatoes, and 2 roast beef and cheddar wraps for dinner. I had to force myself to eat something, I wasn’t hungry.

Day 20 – Active Rest, but too much food.

For this week’s active rest day, I did a local hike. It was a hilly 3 and a half miles. I couldn’t get a parking slot at sope creek, so went to Cochran Shoals and hiked north instead of starting up north.

Food Wise, I had a smoothie for lunch, and a cobb salad and fries for dinner. I had a few lady-drinks (Mike’s Watermelon Lemonade) with some friends and didn’t get nearly the sleep I should have.

Day 19 – and the motivation drains away

Not sure if it’s mental or chemical orwhat, but it was really difficult to get going down to the gym. I found that if I take the tylonol pm, right before I go to bed I can sleep through the night. I don’t really like that I need chemicals to sleep but what can you do?

Anyway, Stronglift 5×5 Workout A + Arms done and in the books this morning. I’m going to go up 5lbs on my arms Monday, but suspect I’ll be there for a bit. I may need to add more exercises in to recruit more of my triceps, and may add some straight deltoid shoulders as well. Probably straight lateral lifts. It’ll add 5-15m to my work out but I think it will be worth in in the long run to add some shape to my shoulders.

Also of note, breakfast after was a protien shake mixed with coffee.

It was a relatively quick tugboat 2 miler today. Even with Marlo’s tiny bladder watering alll the plants. I did find that when he does that, I can walk ba kwards to give my quads a little work until they catchup.