Day 47 – Involuntarily Rest Day

It happens occasionally. I was beat when I woke up I slept later and didn’t have the motivation to rush through a workout. My back hurt, and my exhaustion just grew through the day. Making me cranky, and essentially just forcing a rest day.

Those happen right? I tried to moderate food intake to offset it. Though, I did have ham egg and cheese burrito, and a plate of Chinese noodles for dinner. So you could say comfort food was eaten… but I did not order jet’s pizza and eat myself into a coma. Let’s all celebrate small victories.

Day 46 – A grand soft day

I slept like garbage last night. About 2am I woke up with “restless legs” but all over my body. I couldn’t sleep, but was generally exhausted. I remain exhausted today.

That said after a delay due to work, Adam and I got out for the newer route, and finished it handily. 3miles in just under an hour. However it started raining about a third of the way and just got worse. I was drenched to the bone by the time I got home.

Day 45 – Ugh

Felt pretty weak this morning. Not entirely sure why. To many chicken wings for dinner, (I.e. Salt) or lack of sleep (maybe 4-5 hours total)? Dunno.

I did get through the workout, but I did split arms. Curls dropped 5lbs and moved to new curl bar. Tri-Extensions move up 5lbs and remained on the full barbell. I am think I may need to pickup another 300lbs for of plates, so I can move to/add a rope press down for Triceps.

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Day 44 – is it Friday yet?

It’s not, of course. It is Only Tuesday. I had to make a dump run at 6am, and decided to hit the market on the way home. By the time I got home, all hell broke loose at work, so I spent my entire work day putting out a myriad of fires in the house I was standing in. (figuratively speaking) I was able to get them under control around 430, so I hit the eliptical, and finished the season 3 finale of Last Kingdom. Not sure why it took me so long to get into it, it’s a pretty good show.

Anyway 45min, 2.5 Miles, Interval setting. I sweat a ton, but felt pretty good start to finish.

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Day 41 – Forced Hike and Old Studf

The original plan was to go paddling this morning. However the days high was barely 72. So skipped that, and went to look at antiques. I found a couple cool set of candleabras and a stained glass piece.

Before that though I grabbed a couple bagel sandwhiches. One with Lox, Cream Cheese, Tomatoes Capers and Onions… the other with an egg and brisket. I was stuffed all day from that. But afternoon I wasn’t feel great, took a nap and still not the best.

Decided to hike with Caryn, for a couple miles. Maybe that would help…. or I could crap myself on the trail.. Hry life is an adventure. Spoiler: No capping myself. And felt better after a little sweat. going to bed early I think.

Day 40 – Still dropping…

Another Friday. I stepped on the scale expecting a gain and instead still another pound or so down. I am within site of the next lower 10’s place. So it’s motivating to some degree. Needed some good news out of this.

One of the gory details of losing weight when you’ve let yourself go to the point I have, is everything becomes… uhm… Jiggly. It’s sort of like a deflated balloon. Where the pressure of fat inside my skin kept things relatively firm, as that pressure reduced everything sags and get more jiggly. My stomach hangs more, bits of my legs get just flabby and my arms, if I hold them out to give you a hug you’d thing I was drying towels… It’s the curse of things I guess, I must feel worse to feel better and all that…

Anyway, Weights this morning… Felt tired and puny at the start, and in the final arms exercises as well. This is the first session since I started back that I have felt the weight. It’s still not a ton of weight. In fact it sounds stupid for a 40 something to say, but it’s essentially the weight I was lifting in High School. Though I weighed A LOT less, I was reasonably athletic. (football, wrestling, etc..)

One important note, while I was carefully removing weights from the curl bar, so I wouldn’t drop them on my toe… I dropped the empty bar on it instead. Then stepped on a clamp and almost took a header into the eliptical…. It’s going to be one of those days I suspect.

I have an app on my phone that displays various quotes on the back ground. This showed up today, which is a good reminder I need to work on my patience. It frequently gets the best of me.

Adam is still farting around in his newly discovered basement project, and while temperature wise it is very nice out, I decided to forgo the monotony of a neighborhood walk, for the endless excitement of an eliptical run. Which as I am watching “The Last Kingdom” on Netflix, is actually a bit less mind numbing.

Day 39 – The unintentional rest

It’s been raining all night and day. When I would have normally walked today, Adam mentioned he had basement. Know his penchent for exaggeration, I chuckled and made a joke or something. Then he sent me a video, and he had a proper flooded basement.

Anyway, a friend in need and all that, I grabbed my broom and fans and headed over to help clear out the water, then ran to Home Depot to grab new downspouts and a dehumidifier.

Work had me running in the office and back,. By the time I was home, I was just mentally tired. So I watched TV and crashed out.

Day 38 – Trouble Sleeping

I am again having trouble sleeping. Restless legs, Restless mind… I need to sort that bit out. Anyway woke up later than I needed in order to work out before. my early Meeting. So weights will wait. (See what I did there? I’m hilarious)

Today’s walk ended in the middle of a rain shower. And just before the rain started in earnest, I recieved a work call about an outage. Such is my day turning out. Finished a very soggy 2 miles and retreated to attend to my professional duties..

And after a 430 meeting, a time slot I loathe for any meetings… I was able to get my weights in. I got a new curl bar, hoping to use it for extensions and curls. However hauling the weight up and over my head for the extensions isn’t going to work.

I’ve been giving some thought to switching up the arm exercises anyway, So this may be the right time. Maybe just do a full arms workout on my “off days”. Not sure how much that would impact the larger compound exercises I do for the 5×5. Anyway….