Day 38 – Trouble Sleeping

I am again having trouble sleeping. Restless legs, Restless mind… I need to sort that bit out. Anyway woke up later than I needed in order to work out before. my early Meeting. So weights will wait. (See what I did there? I’m hilarious)

Today’s walk ended in the middle of a rain shower. And just before the rain started in earnest, I recieved a work call about an outage. Such is my day turning out. Finished a very soggy 2 miles and retreated to attend to my professional duties..

And after a 430 meeting, a time slot I loathe for any meetings… I was able to get my weights in. I got a new curl bar, hoping to use it for extensions and curls. However hauling the weight up and over my head for the extensions isn’t going to work.

I’ve been giving some thought to switching up the arm exercises anyway, So this may be the right time. Maybe just do a full arms workout on my “off days”. Not sure how much that would impact the larger compound exercises I do for the 5×5. Anyway….

Day 36 – 7.1 Down 92.9 ToGo

Well, I didn’t eat fantastic this weekend, so holding steady on the weight. I suspect next week should show some loss.

Weights felt pretty good, I did get a new curl bar to help with my hand angle today. I’ll try it out Wed.

Day 35 – Take a hike.

A morning hike to tease out a little more of this trail close by. I hiked with Kelly, and we got a bit mover 2 miles before heading back for almost 4 miles total. Still trail to be explored.

This week should be a good one. Adam should stop faking his illness, so I’ll have a day time walking partner again. I need to figure out a walking route at work for days that I go into the office but can’t suffer the treadmill.

Oh I also drove the new neighborhood route I was looking at. I think it’ll be a good one, it Isa bit further than I thought, now to talk Adam into it.

Day 34 – Better

After a long week, I took a nice motorcycle ride, and plenty of sleep. Saturday worked out a lot better. I didn’t do much. Essentially this is my rest day. Which I needed I think. I looked at RV/Trailers which I am thinking about getting. I need to find out about mlicense and insuring, so maybe next weekend.

Day 33 – It started off good…

I woke up feeling better. Plenty of energy, made it through weights feeling pretty good. I’ve got enough weight on the bar to provide a bit of resistance to lift, so I like to think I am past the demoralizing bit of getting back to working out and I finished judt in time for my morning meetings.

Things looking up, until I get snide remarks out of the blue and yet another change in weekend plans. That didn’t help after such a shitty week.

Anyway, I felt good through my walk, the weather was really nice in the shade, the sun was a bit intense if you where out in it though. I took a new route. And looking at the map afterwards I think I found a new route I want to try next week. It should work out to around 2 – 2.5 miles, but I’ll need to do it when I have a bit of open time after lunch incase it’s longer than I expect. I guess I could drive it this weekend to time it out.

I took a motorcycle ride after work to clear my head. Got some thinking in, letsee how the weekend plays out.

Day 32 – when it rains, it pours.

My mood continues. I did take a walk today. Since Adam is apparently at death’s door, I am forced to listen to audio books. (How selfish of him to get sick…. psh) I started some BBC dramatization of Terry Pratchett stories. This one was most of “Mort”.

It was actually quite good. A bit tired story of “deaths apprentice / death takes a vacation”, but the voice acting was well done and the story entertaining.

Anyway, I took a Tugboat 2 mile, and added in some side streets. The walk definately started to help my mood. Though, any progress was eaten away by interacting with others.

Day 31 – A no good, awful, very bad day.

This morning weights were extremely tough. Just zero energy. I did complete the workout but just had nothing left in the tank when I woke up. Never the less

After my morning meetings, my mood soured. I got some heart breaking news, and just everything else just piled on. I did my best to mitigate it, but everything anyone said just made it worse.

I took that as a queue to skip the afternoon walk. And indulge in some emotional eating. Which of course didn’t help.

Day 30 – solvitur ambulando

“It is solved by walking.”

Dragging a bit today, but the humidity has backed off a bit, so that is good. Took a different path to add a little to the walk. Start out was difficult, I definately felt that I haven’t walked for a couple days. Though on second thought I guess I did hike a few miles Saturday… At any rate the start was a bit tough, but definately less sweaty than other walks.

Day 29 – 6.9 Lost 93.1 ToGo

How do you like that? Dispite eating poorly (quantity and content) , and missing my walk on Friday. I still lost. Oddly this is motivational…

Also today’s battle cry is “Well what the hell else is there to do!”

So, I drove up to Canton and Paddled on Allatoona for a few hours. I forget how much slow burn work paddling around is. But it felt good, the weather was near perfect. Great cap to a holiday weekend.