Day 58 – 12.3 Down 87.7 ToGo

Well That was entirely unexpected. I haven’t eat particularly well the last week or so. And I missed this weekend’s “Active Rest” but I’m still down. In fact, not just down but I have broken into the next lower “Decade”, just barely but officially there. That was a lot more motivational than I expected.

I ordered a “Chirp” back roller, and a heating pad. I’m hoping that will help with some of the back pain I have been having. If nothing else give it a good cracking to help free up some movement, and allow me address some of the weakness.

It was hard to make it down this morning, and even harder to get all the sets in. But I did it, and I am happy I did.

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Day 56 – Wasted Weekend

I accomplished nothing today. Was intending to hike with Adam, but that fell through… Tried to start some projects which fought me every step… I took that as a sign to rest.

Day 54 – Well that was unexpected..

Thursdays are usually lighter days. But today, there have been some big changes at work (good for me type changes) so I de ided to go in. I wasn’t feeling the treadmill, so I conned Adam to hike a near by short trail… To wit he decided to charge in at a fast pace only to realize there was a steep hill waiting… bah. Mde it through though, for a overall slower 1.6 miles or so….

River is High Today
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Day 53 – It was a good day.

Slept on the futon last night (it is much firmer) , and my back feels a bit better this morning. I think I may stay in there for a bit just to see if that helps.

Morning workout felt okay. Definately challenging weight levels. May be topping out for a bit in some areas. One of those is tricep extensions, I’m at 90lbs on the barbell, so I think I may switch up and use the rope push downs to keep a better form while doing it. It’s a good problem to have. I may be out growing the 5×5 simplicity, so I may start adding in a few other exercises. Ultimately WHAT I will have to to see mass gains I think will be to move to a 5 day workout plan, instead of the 3 done by 5×5. that’s going to be harder to maintain if I go back into the office, so I may wait a bit to switch until I know how that’s goin to work.

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Day 52 – Rain for days….

It’s rained pretty significantly for the better part of the last week. Weather is cooled and I’m closing the pool this week. Stuff is winding down.It’s wierd for the last 15 years, I’ve found myself mourning and in a horrible. mood as fall… well falls. Most everything ends around this time in my life, deaths, relationships, jobs… maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy or maybe just coincidence. Who knows.

This year so far, I don’t feel the same dread coming on. Dispite ongoing personal issues, and all the shit that is 2020. It’s oddly optimistic.

Anyway, teusday has become the “Hot Eliptical” day. I fire up the space heater, and “run” for 45 minutes. I sweat profusely, and watch TV shows that distract me. So far, It’s a good day. I didn’t feel over whelmingly exhausted. My pace was a bit slower, but it felt good. Probably time to push the level up a bit next week.

Day 51 – 6.8 Down 93.2 ToGo

Ugh.  I ate to much over the weekend.  So while the official record shows a small gain, I suspect it’s extra food weight.  By the middle of the week it should be gone.

That said, I had to force myself to get down to the gym this morning.  I am finally at a point of challenging weights, but my back feels weak.  So I am going slower than normal. On top of that, I have reached the 4 warmup sets before my first two workouts, makes today (Workout A) a long workout. About a full hour and 15 minutes.

As I was typing this, I realized I never hit stop on my Garmin. So it shows an extra 40 minutes of workout…

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Day 50 – Not exactly a day of rest.

So not exactly a day of rest. Which I may pay for tomorrow morning. Decided to hike Kennesaw Mtn. My goal with that trail/place is generally the same. Make it to the top with zero / minimal stopping. I think it took me about the full hour to do the 1.5 miles from the truck to the top. So REALLY slow, but no stops. It wasn’t a particularly good time, I was really dragging along. But I am glad I did it. Stopped with Caryn and Kelly for Mexican after.. had some pretty bland fajitas from Chuy’s. Tonight should be a light dinner with friends over for games…

Day 49 – A lazy start…

I woke up with my back hurting through the night. I should go get someone to take a look at it, in some sort of medical capacity. It’s not the pain so much as it “crinkle” like squeezing an empty water bottle. So it feels… unsteady.

But, Saturday is an “active rest” day. So I did 45 on the eliptical. I put on the space heater, so the gym room gets to probably near 95 degrees… I am consistently shocked how much I sweat on the eliptical. When I’m done my shorts feel “full of water”.. like noticeably heavy… and the machine looks like it was starting to rain.