Day 58 – 12.3 Down 87.7 ToGo

Well That was entirely unexpected. I haven’t eat particularly well the last week or so. And I missed this weekend’s “Active Rest” but I’m still down. In fact, not just down but I have broken into the next lower “Decade”, just barely but officially there. That was a lot more motivational than I expected.

I ordered a “Chirp” back roller, and a heating pad. I’m hoping that will help with some of the back pain I have been having. If nothing else give it a good cracking to help free up some movement, and allow me address some of the weakness.

It was hard to make it down this morning, and even harder to get all the sets in. But I did it, and I am happy I did.

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Day 56 – Wasted Weekend

I accomplished nothing today. Was intending to hike with Adam, but that fell through… Tried to start some projects which fought me every step… I took that as a sign to rest.

Day 54 – Well that was unexpected..

Thursdays are usually lighter days. But today, there have been some big changes at work (good for me type changes) so I de ided to go in. I wasn’t feeling the treadmill, so I conned Adam to hike a near by short trail… To wit he decided to charge in at a fast pace only to realize there was a steep hill waiting… bah. Mde it through though, for a overall slower 1.6 miles or so….

River is High Today
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