Day 53 – It was a good day.

Slept on the futon last night (it is much firmer) , and my back feels a bit better this morning. I think I may stay in there for a bit just to see if that helps.

Morning workout felt okay. Definately challenging weight levels. May be topping out for a bit in some areas. One of those is tricep extensions, I’m at 90lbs on the barbell, so I think I may switch up and use the rope push downs to keep a better form while doing it. It’s a good problem to have. I may be out growing the 5×5 simplicity, so I may start adding in a few other exercises. Ultimately WHAT I will have to to see mass gains I think will be to move to a 5 day workout plan, instead of the 3 done by 5×5. that’s going to be harder to maintain if I go back into the office, so I may wait a bit to switch until I know how that’s goin to work.

Anyway… As it’s getting colder I found I am sweating less. (duh) So today I layered up for the walk, so a long sleeve wicking undershirt, tshirt, and then a zip up fleece/sweatshirt. Help with the sweating but apparently the sweatshirt is a little small…

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