Day 52 – Rain for days….

It’s rained pretty significantly for the better part of the last week. Weather is cooled and I’m closing the pool this week. Stuff is winding down.It’s wierd for the last 15 years, I’ve found myself mourning and in a horrible. mood as fall… well falls. Most everything ends around this time in my life, deaths, relationships, jobs… maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy or maybe just coincidence. Who knows.

This year so far, I don’t feel the same dread coming on. Dispite ongoing personal issues, and all the shit that is 2020. It’s oddly optimistic.

Anyway, teusday has become the “Hot Eliptical” day. I fire up the space heater, and “run” for 45 minutes. I sweat profusely, and watch TV shows that distract me. So far, It’s a good day. I didn’t feel over whelmingly exhausted. My pace was a bit slower, but it felt good. Probably time to push the level up a bit next week.

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