Day 51 – 6.8 Down 93.2 ToGo

Ugh.  I ate to much over the weekend.  So while the official record shows a small gain, I suspect it’s extra food weight.  By the middle of the week it should be gone.

That said, I had to force myself to get down to the gym this morning.  I am finally at a point of challenging weights, but my back feels weak.  So I am going slower than normal. On top of that, I have reached the 4 warmup sets before my first two workouts, makes today (Workout A) a long workout. About a full hour and 15 minutes.

As I was typing this, I realized I never hit stop on my Garmin. So it shows an extra 40 minutes of workout…

I do wonder sometimes if my weight loss is offset by the strength training. I want to keep what little muscle mass I have left, so I need to keep lifting but it would be nice to quantify muscle gain vs fat loss… Garmin’s scale is useless for that. It shows most days I lose skeletal mass as well… I don’t think that is the case.

And got today’s walk in….

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