Day 45 – Ugh

Felt pretty weak this morning. Not entirely sure why. To many chicken wings for dinner, (I.e. Salt) or lack of sleep (maybe 4-5 hours total)? Dunno.

I did get through the workout, but I did split arms. Curls dropped 5lbs and moved to new curl bar. Tri-Extensions move up 5lbs and remained on the full barbell. I am think I may need to pickup another 300lbs for of plates, so I can move to/add a rope press down for Triceps.

Adam backed out of todays walk, but Kelly was around so we walked a hacked out 2.2 miles. It was a good pace, just under 3mph overall, with some good hills. It is interesting that cooler days, I burn a lot less calories. I need to get some standard sweatshirts to keep the sweat flowing.

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