Day 43 – 9.6 Down 90.4 ToGo

I have to be honest. I expected to have lost more in the last 6 weeks. I guess 1.6lbs/week is a healthy pace. Especially with added weight training. If I am being truly fair, I have not been exactly strict with my diet. Better than normal, but far from… agressive. It does make me wonder where my current eating will level out at.

Anyway, It’s a good morning so far. It’s cold and sunny outside, I got a full workout in and even pushed my arms up 5lbs. However, I am realizing my Triceps and Biceps are gaining at different rates, so I am going to have to treat them seperately soon. Which will ass more time to my workout, which is now up to a solid hour. I feel like the old Dunkin Donuts commercial….

I offered to take Adam’s old flooring to the dump. So after today’s walk we loaded up the truck, whi h reminded me, my back is still out of wack. I should go see a doctor about that.

Also, unofficially, I’m down near 23lbs. So that feels better but that’s more like over 3 months or so.

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