Day 41 – Forced Hike and Old Studf

The original plan was to go paddling this morning. However the days high was barely 72. So skipped that, and went to look at antiques. I found a couple cool set of candleabras and a stained glass piece.

Before that though I grabbed a couple bagel sandwhiches. One with Lox, Cream Cheese, Tomatoes Capers and Onions… the other with an egg and brisket. I was stuffed all day from that. But afternoon I wasn’t feel great, took a nap and still not the best.

Decided to hike with Caryn, for a couple miles. Maybe that would help…. or I could crap myself on the trail.. Hry life is an adventure. Spoiler: No capping myself. And felt better after a little sweat. going to bed early I think.

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