Day 38 – Trouble Sleeping

I am again having trouble sleeping. Restless legs, Restless mind… I need to sort that bit out. Anyway woke up later than I needed in order to work out before. my early Meeting. So weights will wait. (See what I did there? I’m hilarious)

Today’s walk ended in the middle of a rain shower. And just before the rain started in earnest, I recieved a work call about an outage. Such is my day turning out. Finished a very soggy 2 miles and retreated to attend to my professional duties..

And after a 430 meeting, a time slot I loathe for any meetings… I was able to get my weights in. I got a new curl bar, hoping to use it for extensions and curls. However hauling the weight up and over my head for the extensions isn’t going to work.

I’ve been giving some thought to switching up the arm exercises anyway, So this may be the right time. Maybe just do a full arms workout on my “off days”. Not sure how much that would impact the larger compound exercises I do for the 5×5. Anyway….

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