Day 33 – It started off good…

I woke up feeling better. Plenty of energy, made it through weights feeling pretty good. I’ve got enough weight on the bar to provide a bit of resistance to lift, so I like to think I am past the demoralizing bit of getting back to working out and I finished judt in time for my morning meetings.

Things looking up, until I get snide remarks out of the blue and yet another change in weekend plans. That didn’t help after such a shitty week.

Anyway, I felt good through my walk, the weather was really nice in the shade, the sun was a bit intense if you where out in it though. I took a new route. And looking at the map afterwards I think I found a new route I want to try next week. It should work out to around 2 – 2.5 miles, but I’ll need to do it when I have a bit of open time after lunch incase it’s longer than I expect. I guess I could drive it this weekend to time it out.

I took a motorcycle ride after work to clear my head. Got some thinking in, letsee how the weekend plays out.

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