Day 24 – The History of Fatness

I am finding if I take Tylonol PM to sleep I have a hard time waking up in the mornings. I missed this morning’s weights, So I will do them this afternoon.

I did some poking around on my recorded weight over the last few years. I found that I am 20.7 lbs down from my highest weight, and 28.8lbs above my lowest recent weight. Both of which happened in 2017. So I lost about 50lbs between April 2017, and August 2017. I am pretty sure that was when I was walking every day. So there is something to be said for the effectiveness of my current plan.

So that is my current short term goal, to drop 30lbs by Halloween. I think that is doable if I keep my head on straight. Also, just for reference I am down 18.7lbs from my 2020 high. Sadly that isn’t that far off of my all time high… So here we go.

Holy Buckets! While not the hottest day, for some reason this walk had me panting and gasping. still turned in a respectable 20m41s pace.

annnnnd I powered through weights… ugh.

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