Is it tedious?

The problems I run into is leftovers. Last night I made that Chicken, Chorizo, and Onion. So today it becomes breakfast, with the addition of a Sunny Side up egg, and an addition of Kimchi Daikons.

I’ve got about 1 more meals worth of CC&O.

Day 2 – 0.6 Down 99.4 To Go

I wasn’t expecting a loss this morning. I’ll take it. My legs are really sore from lifting even the sad weight I did yesterday. I’m singing the “Getting back to working out…” blues.

Let’s hope today’s walk will help that.

and problem with food is…

It is delicious. Tonight was Chorizo, Chicken and Onions with Kimchi. Was intended to be a lettuce wrap, but my lettuce let me down. So it became less wrapish and more drop all over the plate, and eat it with a fork later…

Day 1 – 0lbs Lost. 100 ToGo

Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world !! Make an attempt.

― Manoj Arora, From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

I was looking for a clever post to start this entry. I ran across this one. It’s a bit out of context as it is in relation to financial comfort zones, but it seems pretty applicable. So in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zones…

My starting Weight this morning is 391.3. Interestingly, this is technically already about 10lbs down from my earlier in the year starting weight. and about 5lbs down over the last week or so. A good start, but will eat into my “easy weight” I think. From here out I’m going to use this at the benchmark, and just talk about the lost and the goal.

So far this morning, I have already done my starting weights workout. A deloaded, and demoralizing Stronglifts 5×5 workout. I added some extra arm workinto the standard 3 exercises. Standing Barbell Curls and Seated Tricep Extensions to be exact. I’m going to go with 4 standard workouts (+5lbs each day the exercise is done) to get back into the habit and loosen up a little, then i’ll start cheating the weight up 10lbs a shot instead of 5lbs. Until I start to actually feel the weight in the exercise.

I’ll walk this afternoon, and likely feel like a sweathog. It was 78 degrees, with a Heat Index of 88 already. Today will be swampy.

And Midmorning walk done.

The Night Before we start

I feel a little nervous. We start tomorrow morning… 5×5 Weights and Walking… Also the starting weight to this project. Bleh. I’ll probably post pictures and recipes here too… I cook a bit, so hopefully this will help keep me accountable as well.

A Saturday…

2 days left. Previously I would have tried to cram in lots of shitty food. I don’t find myself doing that this time. That said I am not worrying about what I eat so much right now as how much of it I consume….

Anyway, Caryn and I did a nice 2 miles this morning… I’ll call this route the 2 mile tugboat. That kind of what it looks like.

A Friday Part Deux

So now that this is somewhat up, I feel I can write more. I don’t intend on publicizing this site much. So maybe people stumble on it by accident maybe not. But ultimately a bit of explanation of what my plan is:

1) Start Back Exercising. Primarily Walking. At least 1 if not more a day. I’ve missed two week days since July 13th. I haven’t been walking on the weekends, as those are generally recovery days, and filled with chores and running around anyway. So I would suggest that this step is solidly underway. This has been in helped in a big way by a friend and co-worker who lives near by. He’s helped hold me accountable to walk every day. This pandemic has been a minor blessing, as it allows me a bit more freedom during the day.

2) Get back to 3 days a week weights. I’ve had good luck with 5×5 (×5/#gref ) so, I will likely get back to that program starting Monday August 10th. That will be in addition to walking 1-3 miles a day.

3) Reign in my eating. This is likely one of the hardest parts. I have a culinary degree, I love to eat good food. That said, they don’t teach you to cook for 1 in culinary school. So, while I like to believe I eat reasonably well…. My portion control is nuts. Sadly though, this means I am falling back to some packaged meals, due to portion control and convenience.

So, Ultimately I’m expecting my workout schedule to look something like this:
Monday – Walking / Weights
Tuesday – Walking / Rest or Cardio
Wednesday – Walking / Weights
Thursday – Walking / Rest or Cardio
Friday – Walking / Weights
Saturday – Active Rest (Hiking, Paddling, Walking, Swimming, etc…)
Sunday – Full Rest.

I have a small home gym, so I can do most of this at home. Plenty of Weights and an Elliptical Machine. I’m contemplating adding a rowing machine, but lets get this thing into “Habit” before dropping another $1000 on a piece of equipment.

Anyway, Monday I kick this thing off officially. 100lbs To Go.


Meetings that went back to back, meant a solo walk today. Honestly first in a while for me. I started a new audio book on “The Dark Triad” of personality traits. Nothing makes your walk feel like 100 miles than some monotone asshole droning on about coefficients in personality test scores.