Day 19 – and the motivation drains away

Not sure if it’s mental or chemical orwhat, but it was really difficult to get going down to the gym. I found that if I take the tylonol pm, right before I go to bed I can sleep through the night. I don’t really like that I need chemicals to sleep but what can you do?

Anyway, Stronglift 5×5 Workout A + Arms done and in the books this morning. I’m going to go up 5lbs on my arms Monday, but suspect I’ll be there for a bit. I may need to add more exercises in to recruit more of my triceps, and may add some straight deltoid shoulders as well. Probably straight lateral lifts. It’ll add 5-15m to my work out but I think it will be worth in in the long run to add some shape to my shoulders.

Also of note, breakfast after was a protien shake mixed with coffee.

It was a relatively quick tugboat 2 miler today. Even with Marlo’s tiny bladder watering alll the plants. I did find that when he does that, I can walk ba kwards to give my quads a little work until they catchup.

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