Day 11 – Weight recovery and a corner turned?

The scale this morning suggests I have recovered from Teusday’s excess. That’s a good thing. I may not be able to weigh in until Tuesday since I will be driving all Monday. But, right now I should be showing continued loss. My weight fluctuates during the day, so mornings are better…

Since this is Adam’s birthday week. (I can only assume this is because he has a wife who does such things…) We haven’t walked much. Monday afternoon, but the rest of the week is a wash. Not complaining (much) but what it has done is forced me back to walking alone.

I can’t complain about the view.

I don’t really look forward to it as much, but I find myself less resistant. Maybe it’s because I am keeping myself accountable here? I dunno.

Anyway, with the doctor’s appt., a full work day, and plans to leave tonight around 1/3am (read: nap) I won’t have much time to do some extra work. So this morning I made it out and forced myself to do another half mile.

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