Day 10 – Ugh.

Yesterday night was not a good night. It was Adam’s birthday, but through some miscommunication, I ended up eating a sandwich (Subway Sweet Onion w/ Lots of Veggies) because they kept mentioning how full he was after going to a chip shoppe for fish and chips. Then they had Turkey Burgers and some grilled veggies. So, I mean all in all it wasn’t terrible as far as content goes… Lots of veggies, few carbs… with the exception of that piece of chocolate cake. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but the cake was pretty good. Dense and Moist. Yum. Anyway, I would say that I had an extra sandwich, a pint of guinness, and a slice of cake. And less sleep than I would have liked. Mostly due to me losing at redneck life…

The winner is the one with the most remaining teeth.

So I used that as motivation today to get myself down to the gym. Which I am glad I did. Made it through all the expected work, but I was running late. so I short-rested (60s vs 90s between sets) most of the workout. I felt it for sure. Numbers wise is improved the work:rest ratio a lot. (from 1:5 to 1:2) So I felt good about the workout.

Breakfast was a protien shake, mixed with DnD Vanilla Iced Coffee. I was surprised how much I liked it. Lunch, I finished off some leftover rotisserie chicken, and sautéed it with the rest of my cabbage kimchi and added some Pickled onions. I had a couple slices of smoked gouda I stuck on there. It was a pretty good.

I had to force myself to stop procrastinating my walk, but big storms rolling in got me out the door and a standard out and back. Again using the whole extra food from yesterday driver.

Not sure what I’ll have tonight, something lightweight. I am going in for my annual physical tomorrow, so I need to fast until after 11am. Bleh.

Speaking of tomorrow. I am going to try to (weather permitting) get my walk in early in the morning. I am travelling tomorrow night late (leave between 1am and 4am), I’ll be driving all day Friday, so it’ll be tough to get any workouts in Friday-Monday. I’m going to make an effort to walk, but I’ll miss a couple weights workouts most likely.

All that said, my next few posts may be pretty brief.

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