Day 8 (New Week!) – 3.2lbs Down 96.8 ToGo

First week in the books. As normal a little fluctuation in weight day for day, but so far so good. Officially 3.2lbs down in the first week. The weekend was pretty good. I didn’t starve myself, and I stayed reasonably active. Even Sunday, I was washing/drying the Kayaks, and cleaning out my truck. Which while not especially strenuous, thanks to the steamy Atlanta summer, resulted in a good bit of sweat.

Foodwise I think I did okay. I did make some Chicken Tacos w/ Fried Flour Tortilla shells. I wouldn’t say they are particularly healthy, but they tasted good. The portion control is working well, that will only carry me so far most likely… but for now it works out.

Today, I got my Morning Weights in, my walk will be a little later in the afternoon due to meetings. So Maybe I can squeeze out a bit of longer walk today. I did go ahead and cheat up my Arm Curl/Ext and Military Press up 10lbs. That felt better for sure. It feels pretty good to be back on the horse, and to some degree I think this blog is helping me keep it going. So you know, Yay Me.

I need to figure out some options for this weekend. I will be travelling, so I won’t have my normal workout options available to me. Obviously I can go take a walk, that’s not an issue, I was thinking the weight days. I’m driving, so I suppose I can throw a couple Dumbells or plates into the back of the truck to have with me. It won’t be perfect but at least it will be something. I’ll sort it out.

Lunch, Chicken and Superfoods Kale Salad

Finished a quick (for me) 2 mile Tugboat, but in reverse direction. It was later in the day so quite hot.

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