Day 7 – Full Rest.

Today is all rest. I can do something more if I like but nothing overly strenuous. I need to get the house cleaned up anyway. I am really struggling this morning with food. I just want to order pizza, or burgers or eat copious amounts of Chinese food… I dunno. Instead I am going to go make some BLT lettuce wraps, maybe with some leftover meat sauce from last night. But man I could go for a triple cheese 4 corner from jets, with Banana peppers, pepperoni and and mushrooms extra bake…. I better get something in my stomach quick it is making some gurgling noises…

Wraps Win Over Pizza!

Funny observation from yesterday, my Garmin Fenix marked it as the laziest of days. I didn’t track my paddling, so my steps where lower than expected. Sokay.

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