Day 5 – Back to Weights after soreness.

I’ll do official weigh-ins on Mondays. Today is Friday. I did notice that my weight has started to drop again, supporting my water/food weight theory. My eating has been reasonably good. I eat 2 meals a day, try to supplement with a protein shake. Though there are times I simply get distracted and miss a meal. This is actually a good thing in my opinon. I am, for the moment at least, focused on portion control so I don’t subconsciously eat larger meals after going long stretches without

Anyway, Today was back to weight after the initial soreness. It felt good. The way 5×5 works is essentially there are two workouts:

Workout A:
Squats, Military Press, DeadLift, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions.

Workout B:
Squats, Bench Press, Bent Rows, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions.

I added the last two exercises (Curls and Extensions) to get a little more work on my arms. In general, you add 5lbs to the exercises after each workout (Squats go up twice as quick as any other workout), until you get to the point where you can’t finish the 5 sets of 5. then you work until you can. Anyway, the point here is that the first day made my legs so sore I had to miss the next workout on Wednesday. So this morning, will be the first chest/back bit. I don’t think I will be as sore since the aggregate weight is much lower. (Squats technically includes my body weight, where bench presses do not)

I’ll get through Monday and Wed of next week, then I’ll start cheating to +10lbs/Workout until I get back into feeling like it’s an actual workout.

Another little bit, is I turn on a space heater to warm the room up, so by the time I am finished the room is near 90+ degrees. Which actually gets a good sweat going. as well.

Good Walk, Took a little different route, through a it of woods, and along a main road. Was a nice change. Adam’s dog slows us a bit, but only marginally and let’s be fair it’s always fun to have dogs around.

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