Day 3 – 4.3lbs Down 95.7 ToGo

Well, my leg soreness is horrible. I am not sure I’ll get weights in today. The fist day back to lifting soreness is brutal. I should be good by Friday I think. That said, I did make sure I got my daily walk miles in, and found a way to add some stairs into that walk to help squeeze out the soreness.

Overall it was a good walk, a little rushed as Adam left the dogs at home but didn’t blow my pace out of the water or any thing. Temperature was 89/97 (temp/heat index) so a bit cooler and dryer. I would have expected a little better timing. I’ll chalk that up to soreness.

Still seeing some weight loss, but that’s likely just the benefits of a heightened portion control. I had a chicken salad (which sound healthier than it really was.) for dinner. And healthy breakfasts, but protien shakes for lunch. Well see when this initial loss wave flattens out where I am at.

It’s not as healthy as it sounds, but man it tasted good.

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