A Friday Part Deux

So now that this is somewhat up, I feel I can write more. I don’t intend on publicizing this site much. So maybe people stumble on it by accident maybe not. But ultimately a bit of explanation of what my plan is:

1) Start Back Exercising. Primarily Walking. At least 1 if not more a day. I’ve missed two week days since July 13th. I haven’t been walking on the weekends, as those are generally recovery days, and filled with chores and running around anyway. So I would suggest that this step is solidly underway. This has been in helped in a big way by a friend and co-worker who lives near by. He’s helped hold me accountable to walk every day. This pandemic has been a minor blessing, as it allows me a bit more freedom during the day.

2) Get back to 3 days a week weights. I’ve had good luck with 5×5 ( https://stronglifts.com/5×5/#gref ) so, I will likely get back to that program starting Monday August 10th. That will be in addition to walking 1-3 miles a day.

3) Reign in my eating. This is likely one of the hardest parts. I have a culinary degree, I love to eat good food. That said, they don’t teach you to cook for 1 in culinary school. So, while I like to believe I eat reasonably well…. My portion control is nuts. Sadly though, this means I am falling back to some packaged meals, due to portion control and convenience.

So, Ultimately I’m expecting my workout schedule to look something like this:
Monday – Walking / Weights
Tuesday – Walking / Rest or Cardio
Wednesday – Walking / Weights
Thursday – Walking / Rest or Cardio
Friday – Walking / Weights
Saturday – Active Rest (Hiking, Paddling, Walking, Swimming, etc…)
Sunday – Full Rest.

I have a small home gym, so I can do most of this at home. Plenty of Weights and an Elliptical Machine. I’m contemplating adding a rowing machine, but lets get this thing into “Habit” before dropping another $1000 on a piece of equipment.

Anyway, Monday I kick this thing off officially. 100lbs To Go.

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