Day 22 – 4.7 down 95.3 togo

I guess plateau/maintaining is good. I urned through the easy weight. Keeping in mind that numbrler is more like 14.7, as I was dropping before I started this blog. At least that’s how I keep myself motivated. I need to stay diligent about my food intake. Exercising has been pretty consistent I think.

Speaking of which.. I continued my weights streak with today. I had to short-rest most of it as I got a late start. But got it all completed.

But I also keep chugging along… Talked Adam into taking an extra lap on an already longish route today. So a good 2.7 Miles @ 20min/mile. but I am beat.

Day 21 – Rest…

I need to be more aware of my food intake on rest days.

I met Kelly and Caryn for breakfast at Goldbergs. I had a western omlette, home fries, and an everything bagel with lox cream cheese. I was full for the entire day, though I did have some left over chicken and potatoes, and 2 roast beef and cheddar wraps for dinner. I had to force myself to eat something, I wasn’t hungry.

Day 20 – Active Rest, but too much food.

For this week’s active rest day, I did a local hike. It was a hilly 3 and a half miles. I couldn’t get a parking slot at sope creek, so went to Cochran Shoals and hiked north instead of starting up north.

Food Wise, I had a smoothie for lunch, and a cobb salad and fries for dinner. I had a few lady-drinks (Mike’s Watermelon Lemonade) with some friends and didn’t get nearly the sleep I should have.

Day 19 – and the motivation drains away

Not sure if it’s mental or chemical orwhat, but it was really difficult to get going down to the gym. I found that if I take the tylonol pm, right before I go to bed I can sleep through the night. I don’t really like that I need chemicals to sleep but what can you do?

Anyway, Stronglift 5×5 Workout A + Arms done and in the books this morning. I’m going to go up 5lbs on my arms Monday, but suspect I’ll be there for a bit. I may need to add more exercises in to recruit more of my triceps, and may add some straight deltoid shoulders as well. Probably straight lateral lifts. It’ll add 5-15m to my work out but I think it will be worth in in the long run to add some shape to my shoulders.

Also of note, breakfast after was a protien shake mixed with coffee.

It was a relatively quick tugboat 2 miler today. Even with Marlo’s tiny bladder watering alll the plants. I did find that when he does that, I can walk ba kwards to give my quads a little work until they catchup.

Day 18 – In the office… it’s been a while

I came into the office today, that generally means less food, as I normally don’t eat breakfast or lunch Though I’ll try to have a protien shake early after a weights workout…. The Cafe sucks here, so if I eat lunch it is some sort of salad usually. Anyway, that’s relevant to my next statement.

I am not to fond of treadmill walking. I feel like it’s ambulatory masturbation on a rotating belt….

So with that said….

Also finished the day with some chicken Club Tacos and red curry potatoes.

Day 17 – Put on your shoes and truck on down..

I got weights done this morning. It was a bit of a push to get out of bed to do it. However, the scale was showing I am back down in weight to where I was last week, so that was motivation to keep it up.

That said, It felt good. Muscles felt strong, even though the weight is still low. Energy level was high. May have something to do with the Tylenol PM I took last night before dropping off to sleep. I slept most of the night. Good start to the day.

I got in a quick 2 miles walk today over lunch as well, it is very humid out, with rumbles threatening in the distance. No rain, just grumbling skies.

Protein Shake and Coffee for breakfast… and Kimchi Chicken Tacos with a Kale salad for dinner

Day 15 – Sleepytime

I drove the 12 hours between 7pm and 8am… I got back unloaded and ended up sleeping all day. I did step on the scale and showed a 2lbs gain. That’ll fall off reasonably quickly. ut since I slept about 12 hours total I didn’t get any exercise in. I think that’s okay. Sunday walked when it should have been a rest day anyway.

Day 14 – I saw a ghost.

I saw a ghost on my walk this morning. I haven’t seen her in over 10 years. I’m not sure she even reconized me. But the “A” from the book of Kells tattoo on her right shoulder blade left no doubt as she ran past me. That threw my mind into a whirl for the rest of the walk.

Anyway. Here’s the stats.

Day 13 – It’s a good day to walk…

I walked to a morning appointment today.. about 1.8 miles. (I meandered through the park)

I walked back, would have been right at 1 more miles, but my watch died right as I got there… so no tracking for that.

The worst part was, I stopped at Pantera bread to grab a quick sandwich for breakfast. They asked over easy or scrambled. I said scrambled…. So AS I left and resumed my walk I bit into the sandwhich and the over easy egg spurt all over my shirt. Sigh.. then as I am cursing the panera sandwhich gods.. I hear laughing behind me… A homeless guy was laughing at me with egg yolk running down my shirt….. Sigh. It’s gunna be one of those days.